Techpromstal   Corporation  is   a  group  of  companies   that  has been  successfully  working in the Ukrainian

market since 1998. The head company is Techpromstal, Ltd.

        Being in such a  difficult  but  so  important  field  for   the  economy of  the  country,   Techpromstal constantly

Keeps   track    of    the    market    demand    and    makes    all    the    efforts    to    satisf    its    partners  requirements.

        The main activity of the corporation is trading in stainless steel. Other fields  of business are  equipment, irons,

scrap,  and  consumer  goods.  The  experience  gained  by the  company and multiplied by the experience of each

of the staff members is the foundation  of  its successful business. This gives the possibility to work effectively and

solve   tasks  of  different  complication level. The legal and audit basis that we  have also help us to progress.   The

style   of  our  company  is to  develop  and   be  most  useful  for  the  clients and  the  partners, whom we do value.

         Since  the beginning  of  its  a ctivity,  Techpromstal  has  made  business  contacts with many foreign partners 

companies   from  Italy,  the Netherlands,  Estonia, Germany, Russia,  and  India. We  are in  close business relations

with  a lot  of  Ukrainian organizations  dozens  of contracts for cooperation have been concluded and are carried


         Currently,    Techpromstal   is   a   team of highly qualified specialists in the field of trading in steel and in other

related   spheres.   In   their   everyday   work,   the  staff   implement   market   research tools, modern informational

Technologies     that   enable    define    the    priority   and   perspective   directions   of  activities.  Constant  growth

of   professionalism   of   each   team   player   is   achieved   by   participating   in  trainings and seminars, as  well as

attending  courses  of qualification  development.

         We   value  honesty  as  a  foundation  for  long-term cooperation. We believe that combination of experience

and stable background provides success in business.

         In  recent   years,  the  interest  in Ukraine  has  increased,  which  is  proven by emergence of a large number of

representative    offices    of    world    known  companies,  which  are  successfully  working  in  the  country.

        Now,  Techpromstal  has reached  such  a level  that  we  need expansion of our activities, and we are ready for

more   progress    in    business.   We   ave   solid   experience    in    import-export    operations,   and    based    on  our  

experience   and  opportunities   we   are  glad  to  state   that   we  are  capable  of  promoting  products  in Ukraine,  

as  well  as  in providing assistance  to   our partners in  purchasing goods from Ukraine.

        We  are  permanently  broadening  our  activities and we are always open to mutually beneficial

cooperation with the aim of achieving the best results.

       We would be happy to provide more information at your request.

                                                                                                       Best regards,Natalia KravtsovaDirectorTekhpromstal